Refereed Papers

AuthorsPaper Title
Michelle Hogue
University of Lethbridge
Joanne Forrest
Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Education
Bridging cultures over-under: Enabling success from the heart
Saad Odeh, Muhammad Qureshi, Judyth Hayne
Sydney Institute of Business and Technology
Development of a multidisciplinary assignment for 1st year engineering students
Katrina Johnston, Trixie James, Anne Braund, Louise Mullaney
Central Queensland University
Mothers in enabling: Overcoming challenges to become better role models and an inspiration to their families
Anita Olds, Angela Jones, Nicole Crawford
Murdoch University
Lesley Osenieks
University of Tasmania
Reflective encounters for enabling educators: The role of debriefing in building psychological capital
Emily Saavedra
Massey University
Supporting learning through online learning strategies
Frank Armstrong, Trixie James
Central Queensland University
What is critical thinking. Pre-commencement perceptions of enabling students
Karen Seary, Trixie James
Central Queensland University
What is so positive about Positive Psychology in an enabling program
Julie Willans, Karen Seary
Central Queensland University
What we are doing works! Maintaining favourable retention in the STEPS enabling course in an Australian university

PechaKucha Presentations

1Sharlene Leroy-DyerAboriginal Pedagogies and Approaches in Enabling Programs
2Tatra Palfery
Dr Diane Duff
Rowena McGregor
Daniel Crane
Literacy and Communication Issues and Concerns for Nursing Students from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds (NESB)
3Dr Anthea Fudge
Jennifer Stokes
Tanya Weiler
Enabling learning through digital technologies
4Jonathan Green
Fernando Padro
Rename to reframe: Is it time to stop “enabling” students?
Tatra Palfery
Dr Heejin Chang
Daniel Crane
You can be good enough, you can be great: Defining the needs of CALD students in an Accelerated Entry Pathway Program
Jennifer Stokes
Jenny McDonald
Learning analytics to promote deep learning: framing information literacy assessment around student interests in enabling education
Dr Sarah Hattam
Dr Bianca Price
Jennifer Stokes
Building a knowledge community: fostering an inclusive learning environment in an Australian enabling program.
8Paul Chojenta‘Reaching’ your students: A multi-channel approach to teaching
Jennifer Stokes
Enabling pedagogy: Recommendations for supporting student learning in enabling programs
10Mary Hoover
Sean Kimpton
Situated Learning on a Pre-degree Programme : Experience and Reflections
11Dr Emily SaavedraSupporting learning through online learning strategies
12Josh LeeEnriching mathematical learning experience using group tasks
13Janelle MarringtonImproving for Success where every student matters
14Hermina ConradieReady, set, go!