Proceedings of the FABENZ Conference 2016


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Frank Armstrong, Trixie James, Hermina Conradie and Shane Parker
Central Queensland University
Males in enabling: Their lives, their experience, their perspective. “To those who said I couldn’t do it, thank you for giving me the opportunity to prove you wrong.”
Rosalie Bunn
University of Newcastle
“Restructuring the habitus: the case of open foundation students with a (dis)ability.”
Joyleen Christensen and Jamie Hunt
University of Newcastle
Engaging mature-aged learners: Evaluating the engagement of students: in the open-access Open Foundation enabling program.
Nicole Crawford
University of Tasmania
Models of support for student well being in enabling programs: Comparisons, contrast and commonalities at four Australian universities.
Joanne Lisciandro, Angela Jones and Megan Jaceglav
Murdoch University
Deanna McCall, Rosalie Bunn and Helen Cameron
University of Newcastle
Marguerite Westacott and Sharon Andersen
University of the Sunshine Coast
Michael Cowling, Michelle Gray and Phillipa Sturgess
Central Queensland University
Studying the digital competencies of access education students at a regional Australian university
Trixie James and Hermina Conradie
Central Queensland University
Flipping the classroom: Is it a flipping good idea, or a flop?
Angela Jones, Joanne Lisciandro and Anita Olds
Murdoch University
Strategies for embedding socio-emotional learning as part of a holistic enabling transition pedagogy
Hannetjie Meintjes
Manukau Institute of Technology
A quest to tame the beast: Involving eLearning and social media to improve accessibility, flexibility and equity
Garth Orth and Clare Robinson
University of Southern Queensland
Mentoring students who had opted to enrol in on-campus tertiary preparation classes, should support student class attendance. What we found was surprising!
Emily Saavedra and Leonard Sanders
Massey University
Building on identifiable common student experiences to enable success
Bettina Schwenger
Unitec Institute of Technology
Designing blended learning to support students’ digital information literacy
Karen Seary and Trixie James
Central Queensland University
‘Show up’: Is that the recipe for success?
Sue Sharp, Anne-Maree Hays and Sue Drpich
Edith Cowan University
Bridging the online gap in enabling education: Counteracting the disconnect
Sang-Soon Park
University of Southern Queensland
Academic adaptation experiences of Indian international students: English language and cross-cultural barriers in EAP program at an Australian university
Julie Willans and Karen Seary
Central Queensland University
Keeping things in perspective – The hero’s journey as a template for learning
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